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AIRING THE WAVE: Talk Radio At The Dawn Of The Digital Era

Talk Radio At The Dawn Of The Digital Era

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The Kennedy Assassination | Mike Siegel, OCTOBER 30, 2017

Conspiracies theories abound about November 22, 1963 and the shock this nation faced. That is why a conversation I had with one of the leading Washington D.C. journalists of our time in 1992 was imprinted on my mind to this day. Jack Anderson won a Pulitzer Prize for...

Steve Bannon is Right in More Ways Than One | Mike Siegel, OCTOBER 16, 2017

A Political Revolution is Taking Place. Much has been made of the Steve Bannon campaign to “repeal and replace” the dead weight in the Republican caucus in the United States Senate. Removal of the Republicans running for re-election who are obstacles to true reform of...

Boy Scouts of America Have they lost their way? | Mike Siegel OCTOBER 23, 2017

First it was the admission of girls. Now it is the dismissal from the scouts of a boy who simply challenged a sitting state senator. Based on that premise, no young person who wants to become a journalist or talk show host is disqualified from becoming a Scout. That...

The Las Vegas Shooter Was he ISIS connected? | MIKE SIEGEL OCTOBER 09, 2017

Recovery from the Las Vegas massacre will never be complete. Family members, loved ones and colleagues and friends of the victims will always carry this tragic event with them. The injured and their loved ones will no doubt have their lives affected permanently by...

The Emmy Awards: The Latest Cheap Shot at Donald Trump | Mike Siegel September 18, 2017

They cannot keep themselves under control. They are radical, detached from the reality of the American electorate, and living in their own cocoon in the entertainment bubble. “They” are the people in the Hollywood culture appearing on television series and making more...

President Donald Trump, Independent Party Candidate for Reelection? | Mike Siegel SEPTEMBER 11, 2017

Will the President switch parties in 2020? As we all send our thoughts and prayers to those in southeast Texas and Florida for speedy recoveries from devastating acts of nature, the President has cut a deal with Senator Schumer and Minority Leader Pelosi that may well...

Violent Radical Extremism | MIKE SIEGEL AUGUST 28, 2017

The Extreme Right Has No Monopoly on This Dysfunctional Behavior. We have had enough repetition about how Neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan and White Supremacists should be condemned in the most vociferous terms. And, appropriately, they have been properly demonized in the...

Mike Siegel: The President Is Living Up to His Billing | AUGUST 23, 2017

Is He Going Too Far? The controversy surrounding the President over the past week has isolated him even further from his own party and moderates. Polling shows him at historically low levels in terms of performance and, sadly, much of this is his own doing. His...

Mike Siegel: Freedom of Speech, The Charlottesville Test

I May Disagree With What You Say But Will Defend Your Right To Say It What happened over the weekend in Virginia was a true test of how far we are willing to go to protect free speech You may remember the Neo-Nazi March in Chicago at a time when the hateful bigots...

Mike Siegel: H.R. McMaster

Benedict Arnold Revisited There is a deep gulf in National Security Policy between the White House and the National Security Agency under H.R. McMaster. That gulf is undermining the President’s ability to carry out his foreign policy agenda and is hurting the United...
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Mike Siegel Radio Show – October 23, 2017

1. Pamela Geller, The Geller Report - Resistance to Islamic Jihad 2. Dr. Gerard Lameiro, Political Analyst - Hillary Clinton-Russia Connection; President Trump and widow of slain military hero; North Korea Strategy

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Mike Siegel Radio Show – October 19, 2017

1. Derryck Green, Project 21 National Black Think Tank Spokesperson - Lowest Black Unemployment Rate in 17 years 2. Alireza Jafarzadeh, Spokesperson - National Council for the Resistance to Iran. Iran Deal should be terminated

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