They cannot keep themselves under control. They are radical, detached from the reality of the American electorate, and living in their own cocoon in the entertainment bubble.

“They” are the people in the Hollywood culture appearing on television series and making more money in a month than most Americans earn in a year.

We know the depths to which the main stream media have gone in making it their mission to undermine this presidency, notwithstanding what is best for America. We know the Republican elite despise this president and have a difficult time restraining themselves from saying so publicly. We know the Democrats would impeach the President if they had their way. And, of course, Steven Colbert whose mouth was nurtured in a verbal sewer, hosted the Emmy Awards Sunday night and did a several minute diatribe against the President.

This was the precursor to the evening becoming a “trample” Donald Trump scenario. You would think the President was responsible for the creation of the North Korea problem, the Middle East crisis, the lack of job opportunities in the inner city, educational challenges in the inner city, the deterioration of our military, the national debt and the plethora of problems facing America if you take the cue from the Emmy Awards program.

There is an irrationality and lack of sensibility to this cultural fraud on the part of these alleged opinion makers. The underlying point from this propagandistic debacle called the Emmy Awards is that the Left cannot accept any message or truth or reality that does not confiorm to their pre-conceived notion of our nation.

They live in their protected bubble, so the death of a Kate Steinle by an illegal criminal alien deported 5 times, along with thousands of other innocent Americans who suffered the same fate, is not a reality to them. They only see the world through their jaundiced distorted glasses and cannot understand the severe economic, violent, and destructive consequences of the irresponsibility of allowing illegal aliens into America.

They believe that free handouts are the answer, whether it be free college tuition, free medical care, free housing allowances and every other free government program they can think of to protect those who are not entitled while Americans foot the bill as taxpayers and victims of criminal acts.

The people congratulating each other at the Emmy Awards live in gated communities with armed bodyguards but do not want the same for all of us. They have the gates and fences around their homes, but they cannot see why America should place walls at our border to protect our sovereignty and safety of our citizen.

What they will understand in the end is the American electorate which has no connection to these detached and delusional entertainers. The electorate has shown its ability to go beyond the politically correct culture, notwithstanding their attempt to demonize the choices made by the voters. We elected Ronald Reagan around the disgraceful and demeaning effort to marginalize him as too extreme for the office of the President. We elected George W. Bush who was vilified by the Left Wing Radical Culture in the harshest terms. Americans understood that we are not a radical left-wing society that the Emmy participants see in their dreams. They seem unable to separate fact from their own fantasies about this nation.

And in the end, they are the losers. The Emmy radicals and their fellow travelers will learn that the majority of Americans will not buy their dysfunctional agenda and will elect public officials who will carry out the will of the majority, not the radical minority.

They will soon see that we are in a transformation of our political system and the traditional labels of Democrat or Republican will become irrelevant.

One of the first lessons I learned in my first year of law school in Property class is that we are the sovereigns of this nation. We own it and all the political offices in in it. We “Loan” the power to elected officials and we take it away when they do not do our collective will.

In the end, Steven Colbert and his minions have no real power. They are bags of wind speaking to their own self-contained psychotic culture.

The Emmys was a sham as a program and was impotent in making any impact from the empty words echoed by one winner after another. It is a great catharsis and of no meaning otherwise. Thankfully so.