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Power Talk: The Influence of Talk Radio – by Dr. Mike Siegel

Posted by on Jan 10, 2014

Purchase Power Talk! The Influence of Talk Radio an autobiography by Mike Seigel in paperback.  Click Here to Purchase  “Talk radio was the foundation for what we now know...

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Posted by on Jan 12, 2014

Now you can learn and use the tools to give you that edge as a Communicator in your career and in your personal life. click here to purchase CD set click here to purchase...

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E-book of Power Talk!

Power Talk! in E-book Download

Posted by on Jan 12, 2014

Power Talk! The Influence of Talk Radio by Mike Seigel. Download E-book:  Click Here to Purchase   Dr. Siegel’s autobiography documents many of the campaigns and public...

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MP3 of CD Series

MP3 of CD Series – Power Communication for Success

Posted by on Jan 13, 2014

Purchase Digital Downloads of Power Communication for Success. You have the option to purchase the complete Series or individual chapters. Make your selection from the options...

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Recent Posts

THE GIVER – Mike Siegel Movie Review

Would you remove pleasure if you could eliminate pain? Would you eliminate joy if you could also eliminate sorrow? Would you eliminate emotion if that would lead to harmony, sameness and an almost automated society? There would be no surprise. No unpredictable events will occur and there would be total homogeneity. We would have only shades of gray throughout,...

THE HUNDRED FOOT JOURNEY – Mike Siegel Movie Review

Rule one is when Helen Mirren is in a film, it is a film worth experiencing. She has done many wonderful films including The Queen. Her latest cinematic success is The One Hundred Foot Journey.  This is a delightful culinary and film experience about an Indian family whose restaurant is burned to the ground and they leave India for France. Their vehicle breaks...

MILLION DOLLAR ARM – Mike Siegel Movie Review

When a baseball movie is released, I am all in. When it is a true story that adds to the mix.  As a lifelong passionate baseball fan (Dodgers), I love to analyze the moves by managers, watch young drafted players build their careers, and follow the drama of a baseball season and the move toward the playoffs. Baseball is huge business. Vast sums are invested in...

BELLE – Movie Review by Mike Siegel

This film has several factors that are compelling for me as a movie fan and were major factors in my wanting to see Belle upon its release. It is a period piece taking place in the 18th century in England. It is a fact-based docudrama. An essential element of the film is a major legal case surrounding the institution of slavery in England. A film of this genre...

GODZILLA – Movie Review by Mike Siegel

Gareth Edwards, Director of the latest version of the monster whom we have grown to love, assured us that this film would be true to the original film and what it symbolized. He partially succeeded. As a child, I remember when the promotion for the 1956 original American version of Godzilla, King of the Monsters created huge anticipation among youth in America....

The Exorcist Original Interview with Father Gallagher on DVD!

Now, we have available an exclusive compilation of the original 2 and 1/2 hour interview with Father Gallagher on the subject of Exorcism. This DVD is available here for purchase and you can own a permanent record of the truth about Exorcism and the film.   In March 1974, Mike Siegel interviewed Father Eugene Gallagher on the subject of...

Will The Real Al Gore Please Stand Up!

Al Gore has attempted to portray himself as a patriotic American, selflessly fighting for a clean environment, truth, justice and the American way. Though the mainstream media refuse to cover his avarice and greed, his image could not be further from the truth of the real Al Gore. Climate Change has replaced Global Warming as the key phrase of the left when it...


Historians will have to judge in the future, but as of now, it appears that Barack Obama has sidestepped, gone through and run over and under the Supreme Law of this land more than any president since our nation was founded. 1. We can begin with the latest embarrassment to the President, the unconstitutional appointment of 3 members of the National Labor...