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Mike’s communication skills and experience in a variety of markets make him well qualified for video commercials; acting roles; voice-over for TV shows, audio books, movies, documentary television, commercials, video games, and multimedia.

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ST. VINCENT – Mike Siegel Movie Review

Bill Murray has had a long and distinguished career focusing primarily on comedy. He has been given a project in St. Vincent that offers him the same opportunity offered Bruce Dern last year. Dern was an academy award nominee after a long career playing character...
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JOHN WICK – Mike Siegel Movie Review

This movie is an entertaining video game. We are all asked to “suspend disbelief” when we experience a movie. In this case, it is almost incredulous to do so. The deadly situations faced by John Wick are almost comical and fit the description “imaginary.” As with many...
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THE JUDGE – Mike Siegel Movie Review

Motion pictures can be films or movies. A film is a work of art in which the creative elements of script, editing, directing, acting, choreography, musical score and other artistic aspects make the film a seamless visual and audio experience that lasts through time....
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GONE GIRL – Mike Siegel Movie Review

There is an Alfred Hitchcock feeling to this thriller with its many twists and turns, first empathizing with one character and then another. Ben Affleck plays a husband whose wife goes missing. He is mystified by her disappearance, but as the film unfolds we learn of...
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THE GIVER – Mike Siegel Movie Review

Would you remove pleasure if you could eliminate pain? Would you eliminate joy if you could also eliminate sorrow? Would you eliminate emotion if that would lead to harmony, sameness and an almost automated society? There would be no surprise. No unpredictable events...
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THE HUNDRED FOOT JOURNEY – Mike Siegel Movie Review

Rule one is when Helen Mirren is in a film, it is a film worth experiencing. She has done many wonderful films including The Queen. Her latest cinematic success is The One Hundred Foot Journey.  This is a delightful culinary and film experience about an Indian family...
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MILLION DOLLAR ARM – Mike Siegel Movie Review

When a baseball movie is released, I am all in. When it is a true story that adds to the mix.  As a lifelong passionate baseball fan (Dodgers), I love to analyze the moves by managers, watch young drafted players build their careers, and follow the drama of a baseball...
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BELLE – Movie Review by Mike Siegel

This film has several factors that are compelling for me as a movie fan and were major factors in my wanting to see Belle upon its release. It is a period piece taking place in the 18th century in England. It is a fact-based docudrama. An essential element of the film...
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GODZILLA – Movie Review by Mike Siegel

Gareth Edwards, Director of the latest version of the monster whom we have grown to love, assured us that this film would be true to the original film and what it symbolized. He partially succeeded. As a child, I remember when the promotion for the 1956 original...
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The Exorcist Original Interview with Father Gallagher on DVD!

Now, we have available an exclusive compilation of the original 2 and 1/2 hour interview with Father Gallagher on the subject of Exorcism. This DVD is available here for purchase and you can own a permanent record of the truth about Exorcism and the film.   In...
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