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Power Talk: The Influence of Talk Radio – by Dr. Mike Siegel

Posted by on Jan 10, 2014

Purchase Power Talk! The Influence of Talk Radio an autobiography by Mike Seigel in paperback.  Click Here to Purchase  “Talk radio was the foundation for what we now know as...

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Posted by on Jan 12, 2014

Now you can learn and use the tools to give you that edge as a Communicator in your career and in your personal life. click here to purchase CD set click here to purchase E-book...

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E-book of Power Talk!

Power Talk! in E-book Download

Posted by on Jan 12, 2014

Power Talk! The Influence of Talk Radio by Mike Seigel. Download E-book:  Click Here to Purchase   Dr. Siegel’s autobiography documents many of the campaigns and public policy...

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MP3 of CD Series

MP3 of CD Series – Power Communication for Success

Posted by on Jan 13, 2014

Purchase Digital Downloads of Power Communication for Success. You have the option to purchase the complete Series or individual chapters. Make your selection from the options...

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ST. VINCENT – Mike Siegel Movie Review

Bill Murray has had a long and distinguished career focusing primarily on comedy. He has been given a project in St. Vincent that offers him the same opportunity offered Bruce Dern last year. Dern was an academy award nominee after a long career playing character roles in typically predictable and cliché films. Murray has combined his talent and experience over...

JOHN WICK – Mike Siegel Movie Review

This movie is an entertaining video game. We are all asked to “suspend disbelief” when we experience a movie. In this case, it is almost incredulous to do so. The deadly situations faced by John Wick are almost comical and fit the description “imaginary.” As with many action films of this kind (Steven Seagal, Chuck Norris, Arnold Schwarzenegger), acting is...

THE JUDGE – Mike Siegel Movie Review

Motion pictures can be films or movies. A film is a work of art in which the creative elements of script, editing, directing, acting, choreography, musical score and other artistic aspects make the film a seamless visual and audio experience that lasts through time. Citizen Kane was one example. Casablanca was another. Barry Lyndon fits the definition of a film...

GONE GIRL – Mike Siegel Movie Review

There is an Alfred Hitchcock feeling to this thriller with its many twists and turns, first empathizing with one character and then another. Ben Affleck plays a husband whose wife goes missing. He is mystified by her disappearance, but as the film unfolds we learn of his insensitivity to and mistreatment of his wife. The initial question is whether he has...

THE GIVER – Mike Siegel Movie Review

Would you remove pleasure if you could eliminate pain? Would you eliminate joy if you could also eliminate sorrow? Would you eliminate emotion if that would lead to harmony, sameness and an almost automated society? There would be no surprise. No unpredictable events will occur and there would be total homogeneity. We would have only shades of gray throughout,...

THE HUNDRED FOOT JOURNEY – Mike Siegel Movie Review

Rule one is when Helen Mirren is in a film, it is a film worth experiencing. She has done many wonderful films including The Queen. Her latest cinematic success is The One Hundred Foot Journey.  This is a delightful culinary and film experience about an Indian family whose restaurant is burned to the ground and they leave India for France. Their vehicle breaks...