Al Gore has attempted to portray himself as a patriotic American, selflessly fighting for a clean environment, truth, justice and the American way. Though the mainstream media refuse to cover his avarice and greed, his image could not be further from the truth of the real Al Gore.

Climate Change has replaced Global Warming as the key phrase of the left when it comes to the environment. One way or another, they intend to hammer corporate America for harming the environment. Never mind the fact that hundreds of highly qualified and credible scientists have consistently and in unwavering fashion refuted the notion that, somehow, in the last 50 years of this planet’s existence, human beings have created disruption to the world’s climate.

At the same time, Dr. Phil Jones heading the climate change project for the U.N. at the University of East Anglia in England, has scandalized his academic credentials by ignoring science that disagrees with his pre-determined conclusions that human beings have harmed our climate and atmosphere.

Why is this agenda so pathologically being followed at the expense of fair and accurate reporting of the facts? One reason is the politically correct, left wing media have ignored alternative views on the science involved in global warming. The other factor is greed.

Al Gore is at the center of that greed. He helped create a company that is a conduit for him to buy carbon offsets, and then invest in alternative energy sources such as wind, solar, and other options. The company is Generation Investment Management, and Gore made himself Chairman of the firm. He is positioned to earn millions for himself and huge amounts beyond that for others involved with him, as he buys the carbon offsets from himself, and then makes untold millions through the energy resource investments. It is a circle that creates a printing press of money for Al Gore, and he needs government policy to create these carbon offsets so he can build his fortune.

Documents generated by Generation Investment management show a clear intent for the company to buy or invest in companies positioned to make huge profits on the Global Warming issue.

Is Al Gore a patriot and man of benevolence or one of avaricious greed? You be the judge. And when you judge, remember that Al Gore was publicly exposed to have a $30000 annual energy bill for his home. His monthly cost of $2500 is the average annual cost for most Americans. When confronted by Senator Jim Inhofe at a Senate hearing, Gore refused to sign an affidavit that he would reduce his energy use to the annual average level of most Americans. That sounds like a callous disregard for the concern he shows. Everyone else should do it, but not me!

Finally, on the energy issue, Gore spoke at a meeting of clean energy financiers in Greece. He said:

It is not good policy to have these massive subsidies for first generation ethanol”…the benefits of ethanol are trivial, but it’s hard once such a program is put in place to deal with lobbies that keep it going.”

What Chutzpa! Gore advocated for ethanol energy production, and he was a major cause of the taxpayers spending billions on this alleged energy source. Gore gained both politically and financially, since he wanted alternative energy sources and the elimination of fossil fuel. Now, after the fact of his detrimental influence, he regrets the investment in ethanol. Never mind the fact that ethanol requires more fossil fuels to produce it than results in usable energy. The taxpayer paid for Al Gore’s wish list and we lost while he gained.

We also now see his avarice and greed in the sale of Current TV. Who, with any sense of integrity or decency, would sell for profit a cable network to Al-Jazeera, funded by the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani. The Sheikh is a dictator and the anti-Israel, anti-American, and anti- Semitic rhetoric will no doubt continue.

But, as Al Gore sees it, what harm is there in a radical foreign organization, once the voice of Osama bin-Laden, presenting its vulgar and hateful untruths to the American people when  Gore made $100 million in the $500 million sale?

There is still a debate as to whether the sale violates the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Stay tuned for that legal battle.

As to Al Gore, let his legacy show the most self-serving use of capitalism for his own gain, while he bilks the American taxpayer of huge amounts of money and disgraces the Office of the Vice Presidency by his misrepresentations of major issues related to our environment.

He abuses capitalism while condemning republicans for any capitalist success they have had. The truth is that republicans could learn something about how to abuse the system for personal gain from Al Gore.

Wake Up America!!

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