Published on Jul 6, 2009

“Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski’s thoughts in the wake of Sarah Palin’s resignation as Governor of Alaska: “She was a horrific candidate… The media was so excited about bringing her down.”

Published on Mar 10, 2014

Mika Brzezinski: Sarah Palin is a “multimillion dollar moron”

These acerbic and demeaning comments were made by the journalistically illiterate who co-hosts the morning program on a cable network that has fewer viewers than I had for dinner at my home last night.

Nevertheless she has gotten unjustified attention, in part due to the President and his tweets. Whether the President should be in a tweet street fight with this obscure person on an obscure network is open to debate.

I would like to focus here on the salivating mainstream media using the present feud between the President and the morning show at this obscure network to further blemish and attack the President.

My question is this: Where were these media when Sarah Palin was being verbally pummeled by this same person back in 2009 and 2014 as noted above?

They were doing exactly the same thing: attacking Sarah Palin in every possible way they could. We can only draw the conclusion that these vicious mainstream media could not care less about insulting women as long as they are bright, articulate, competent and capable conservative women.

The mainstream media seem to think that vitriolic attacks on conservative women are acceptable because they do not accept the radical ideology of the left.

This same attitude was embodied when the women held a large demonstration in Washington D.C. during the inauguration of President Trump. You will remember, of course, that pro-life conservative women were disinvited from that event.

This left-wing mentality is really a sickness that disallows any other point of view to exist. It is why the left and its lackey, the mainstream media, cannot bring themselves to commend some of the truly great accomplishments so early in the Trump administration.

We will not belabor that point here, but just remind everyone of the strong immigration initiatives and executive orders of the President on this subject. We have seen the House pass Kate’s Law and the Anti-Sanctuary Cities Law. The Veterans Administration can now fire the incompetent and corrupt employees at the V.A., due to new legislation. We have left the fraudulent Paris Accord, brought back nearly a million family wage jobs and re-asserted our presence in the Middle East through the President’s visit and the attacks on terrorists like Assad in Syria and ISIS in Afghanistan.

When was the last time these and other accomplishments were covered by the morning hosts at the obscure network or by CNN or by NBC, ABC, or CBS? Even Harvard University has stated that these mainstream media are overwhelmingly biased against President Trump. Here are the numbers of each media organization and its virulent, yellow-journalistic reporting:

CNN:  93% Negative

NBC:  93% Negative

CBS:  91% Negative

New York Times:  87% Negative

Washington Post:  83% Negative

When you deal with these numbers, it is easy to see why there is a forceful reaction from the President to this relentless and disgusting intent by these media to bring him down.

Whatever views one holds about the tweet war between the President and the morning show at the obscure network, it is irrefutable that these hosts and almost all others delivering alleged news at these mainstream media have gone far over the line and journalism as we knew it from the days of Walter Cronkite, Huntley and Brinkley and Howard K Smith is dead.

There is no longer any line over which these media will not go. That includes the female host on the morning show at that obscure network. She is vapid, thoughtless, and an ideologue simply parroting the radical narrative of the left with regard to President Trump and, as noted above, other conservatives, including women like Sarah Palin.

If there were any sense of fairness, the mainstream media would have condemned these vicious attacks by the female morning host at the obscure network against Sarah Palin. Instead, they mouthed the very same sentiments.

So much for a free and independent press in America.