These 2 issues are placed in this sequence with purpose

The first is of enormous importance to our decisions on the “public good” vs. privacy and the second has 15 minutes of fame created by the media.Back in the 1960’s I remember reading an article by Navy Admiral Hyman Rickover. He was prophetic in that piece, since he basically said that the computer area was coming into being and that civilization would have to make a decision on whether we would be master of technology or whether we would be slaves to technology.

The new film with Tom Hanks and Emma Watson raises this very issue. At this point in time, the jury is still out on this question. There are now technologies that can know where we are, and if we are in a shopping mall equipped with this technology, we will receive texts on our smart phones about sales taking place at stores in the mall we are frequenting at that moment.

Experts with far greater expertise than me have described on programs I have hosted how we will become more and more vulnerable to the elimination of privacy.

Elon Musk, the billionaire founder of the Tesla Car Company, has created a new organization whose purpose it is to be able to place a chip in each human being that would allow us to know their thoughts without the need for verbal communication. Scary? Absolutely.

The civilized world is going to have to confront this challenge raised by Admiral Rickover and now by the film The Circle; how far do we go with technology to invade the very essence of each human being, baring us naked to the world regarding every movement we make and every thought we have,

On the matter of The First 100 Days, the President has been far more active and successful in using the office of the Presidency to accomplish all he can within the limits of his power.

The Executive Orders are a good example. President Trump has signed 29 Executive Orders, 25 Presidential Memos, and 24 Presidential Proclamations. These actions include minimizing the impact of Obamacare; expediting environmental reviews and making infrastructure rebuilding a priority; protecting the nation from foreign terrorist entry into the United States; ethics commitments for executive branch appointees; reducing regulation and controlling regulatory costs; task force on crime reduction and public safety; preventing violence against law enforcement officials; preventing international trafficking and stopping transnational crime organizations; increasing funding for historically black colleges and universities; removing the Obama restrictions on streams and wetlands being developed; initiative to promote excellence and innovation at historically black colleges and universities; promoting energy independence and economic growth, including the authorization to complete the XL Pipeline from Canada and the Dakota Access Pipeline; combating drug addiction and the opioid crisis; an order to hire American and buy American.

We could go on, but this evidence is clear. The President is keeping his promises to the degree his office allows without the approval of Congress. Every policy issue he raised during the campaign is now being confronted head on and the President has been unwavering in that commitment.

Maybe it is time for CNN and MSNBC, as well as the New York Times and Washington Post, to end the yellow journalism by covering only side issues or distractions and attempting to portray the President as not having had accomplishments. He has decimated that argument by these news organizations and now it is time for them to step up and report the real news.

One fact we need to remember: Fake news includes news that is not covered. It is not only a distortion of news. The biggest failure of these media is not covering with the focus it should have is the amazing success and action by this administration to fulfill campaign promises.

The President declined to attend the White House Annual Press Dinner Saturday night. Instead, to his credit,  the President spent the time with grass roots citizens of Pennsylvania. Reports are that the White Huse Finner was a morbid event with few celebrities attending.

Perhaps if CNN, MSNBC and the other mainstream media begin behaving as journalists reporting factually and accurately instead of being in the pocket of the Left, The President will attend next year. That decision is in their hands. Let us hope for the sake of legitimate journalism they make the correct decision.