Global warming and climate change have been a fraud since the 1970’s when Maurice Strong was the point man to create this illusory problem so the control of our resources could be monopolized by a small international cartel.


Imagine the audacity of trying to promulgate the notion that over the past 40 or 50 years, human beings have had a devastating impact on our environment as suggested by the radicals. This planet has been around for 5 billion years and has gone through far greater change than the microscopic impact of humanity.

There is substantial evidence demonstrating that we have had little impact on global warming, climate change or carbon emissions in recent decades.

We seem to have forgotten the Climategate scandal when Dr. Phil Jones of the University of East Anglia in England was in charge of the United Nations Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change. He was scandalous when he rejected and deleted data from scientists studying climate issues, concluding that human beings had no substantial impact on these global concerns. His job, as was the role of Maurice Strong earlier, was to promote the scare tactic that human beings were the culprits in climate change.

Dr. Jones was outed for this reprehensible behavior but the mainstream media continued down this illusory path of harm caused by human beings.

We know that the mainstream media will not even recognize climatologists and other scientists in the field who rake the view contrary to that of the alarmists.

President Trump was correct in removing us from the Paris Agreement. As he pointed out, China and India can continue for more than a decade with no restrictions on their pollution while we come up with $100 billion for this fiasco.

It is a scam to again deplete the United States of its funds in the same way that NATO nations do not pay their 2% of GDP each year in most of these nations.

The coal industry would be developed in India while American coal miners have lost massive numbers of jobs here.

Once again, the United States would be the fall guy in this global plan to increase the economic wellbeing of third world nations at our expense. The belief of these globalists is that the United States needs to reduce its economic well-being while we increase that of other nations to create greater equality. That sounds to me like world socialism.

I have interviewed dozens of imminently qualified scientists who specialize in climate issues, and each one has articulated the position that we are the cause of climate problems. In fact, there was recently a 17-year period when the temperature did not rise, yet we had an increase in carbon emissions. Therefore, how can you say that global warming causes greater carbon emissions? There is no correlation.

We might also note that carbon is essential to plant life. Without CO2 where would our plants be? And, what would happen to our Vegan population?

The President correctly pointed out that we can have a strong economy and protect our environment. The radical left would have you believe that conservatives do not care about the environment. That would suggest that conservatives do not care what kind of world their children and grandchildren grow up in, as opposed to the radical left which allegedly cares deeply. That is pure nonsense and they know it.

By the way, one of the fraudulent studies to falsely prove the demise of our environment was caused by global warming involved the placement of thermometers at various locations around the world as a means of proving rising temperatures. Guess where they placed some of these heat measuring devices? One was at Heathrow Airport at the location where the airplanes take off and the exhaust spews out intensely high temperatures. Another was at an incinerator where garbage was burned with high temperatures emanating from the furnace. Does this sound like objective, detached science; or does it sound like a contrived attempt to promote a political agenda?

Who is behind this fraud on the American people. Try the names Tom Steyer, George Soros and Al Gore. Each has invested heavily in their financial future deriving from renewable energy, even though Steyer earlier made his billions in the coal industry. Is that what you would call a sell-out?

We should be grateful that Donald Trump is President because he has done what is in the best interest of the American people, our economy and our national sovereignty. We have one of the cleanest environments on the planet. We would reduce the temperature by two-tenths of one degree by the year 2100 with a $100 billion per year contribution to the Paris Agreement. It is the polluting nations such as China and India which have an exemption from the restrictions who are polluting the air, and certainly it is not us.

Barack Obama brought this nation down by joining the Paris Agreement. Hillary Clinton would have maintained and increased our participation. That is why I am thankful every day that the American people chose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, and did so because of his policies and not Jim Comey or WikiLeaks.

If you are interested in the superb scientific work rejecting human cause of global warming or climate change, take a look at the 800-page compilation of scientific research by hundreds of scientists published by The Heartland Institute. It is an eye-opener.